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26 June 2012 @ 12:42 am

Creating a new entry to use as a sales post! (Sailormoon, other, eventually some PKMN, etc)

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"Daisuki Luna" -  She moves her head and says "I love you, Sailormoon" 
I'd probably pay $150 on a good day for this. 

"Pink Nail Gloss" - I think that I'd rather have the EU version just because it would be cheaper, but even better would be a loose compact since that's really the only part of the set that I want. I would be willing to pay $150 with the box or about $70 for the compact itself if possible

All four Amazoness girls - I may have found a Vesves but isn't she the easiest to find? o__o

Amazoness plush - I might just give in and buy the ones that are on eBay right now e__e

PGSM "yo-yo" - although it's not a yoyo in the sense that we think of it. I lost an auction for this for like 700 yen. -_-;

"Sailormoon Boutique 7" - There is an expensive ass one on eBay right now, but I've haggled with the seller too much and now he wont reply to my emails >_> he wanted $10 shipping from NJ to PA--- seriously?!?! I could ship a lead brick to his ass for that price. $20 or less is a "good price" in my opinion.

And... this plush. She's SO cute!! Gizamimi Pichu headband 


Gizamimi Pichu headband - Must have....

Gizamimi Pichu scrunchie -  HOLY CUTE. I need to grow some hair, too

Pokemon Kuttu KIDS little climbing Giza

and lastly....


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24 May 2012 @ 11:46 pm

Today I made a video showing off the parts of my Sailormoon collection that are displayed:

24 May 2012 @ 02:31 am

I've been a big fan of Pokemon since first grade (1998) and have played all of the games (Gameboy, GBA, DS, N64, GCN, Wii etc) up until Pokemon Black/White. >_> I'm not really a fan of any of the new Pokemon.

I've been to the NYC PKMN Center/Nintendo world four times now!! (One time Charles Martinet via the Mario screen called me "Beautiful Princess Kelley" while I was there heehee) On one of my more recent trips in April 2010 (very very rainy day-- and it was the day HG/SS came out!!) , I went to ToysRUs and was interviewed by an online gaming news source and filmed for some sort of Pokemon spot. (Because I was wearing the Gizamimi Pichu hoodie that I made!!)
To see the images from the Pokemon celebration in NYC that day, look herehttps://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1364465879342.52045.1462488321&type=3&l=ad0125031f

My favourite Pokemon is Gizamimi Pichu!! I have a small Giza collection-- and it's the only Pokemon that I collect... 
The boatloads of PKMN stuff that I have from my childhood don't count as part of my collection ^^;;

My dad collects Pokemon as well -- but ONLY Haunter!
Here's his facebook collection page -- so far he only has cards listed: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003378663602

I think that's it for now...

In closing, here is my Pichu and Gizamimi Pichu collection as of 5/24/2012:

With 8 more figures/plush on the way ^^;; 

Maybe I will update again when I get them <3

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29 April 2012 @ 04:39 am


My name is Kelley! I am a university student studying Japanese. My hobbies are cats, Sailormoon, laughing at people and cooking. I don't plan on using this livejournal for much for than buying/selling on Serasell, so if you'd like to contact me, you can find me at these sites:

My Website



Updating my sales post!!

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